Whether it’s a home or a business, beauty is in the details. One of the most overlooked parts of any property is the driveway. A majority of driveways are very porous, which means they make happy homes for weeds, moss, and algae. They also hold on to unsightly stains from oil, anti-freeze, and rust. Odom Unlimited is here to give your driveway a new lease on life by getting rid of every single smudge. Get ready to remember what your driveway looked like when it was brand new!

Because concrete is porous, getting it clean requires hot water, high pressure, and unique equipment. Too much pressure, and you’ll damage the concrete; not enough and stubborn stains will stick. Finding the perfect balance should be left up to professionals. Additionally, you won’t get the gear you need from your local home improvement store, so this is not a DIY project. Instead, choose Odum Unlimited. We’ll bring everything to your property, including the right equipment and customized cleaning solutions. It won’t take us long to transform your driveway while preserving its surface.

In addition to keeping your property looking nice, eliminating oil, moss, rust, and algae is good for safety, too. Dirty driveways get slippery. They also lead to dirty walkways and floors. Let us change all that. Contact us today!